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Change of plans

For those that got their hopes up, We have to destroy those hopes.

Planescape Torment will NOT be played this year. What I feared with playing a CRPG had come to pass.
Too much game for the show.
This is one reason why we have not touched Baldur's gate, Ultima, NWN, Icewind dale, etc.
Our plan was, much like every other game, was to split it into 2 parts, and play through the main story, but within hours it became clear that sticking just to the main story would not be possible and the game demands the player to adventure on many side quests in order to advance the plot, or provide adequate gear for the character to muscle through parts. Given the size and scope of Planescape, and a looming deadline, it was decided we would be unable to complete the game in the fashion we have laid out for our show.
I think what may be best is we tackle CRPGs in a manner similar to how we did Skyrim.

Again we apologize.

As replacement, we have lined up Link to the Past for our next show.

You may now commence with the rage and "im never listening again" posts.

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  • Enraged Ex-listener

    I’m never listening again

  • Joe

    Me neither 😛

  • Lucas

    Best podcast ever! keep it coming!

  • Jim K.

    this is a great podcast, you have the technique down and everything. You don’t be ticklin’ or nothin’.