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Where the fuck is next episode!?

It doesn't exist yet.

The excuse is the same as always. Adulthood getting in the way, and me living in a state with near zero adult labor laws (which im okay with, copious amounts of OT).

We had to kick the can down the street this month because i went on vacation last month for 2 weeks, then returned to work to learn i would get zero days off for the month of August due to an exodus of young employees that decided they dont like to work and think they can earn more money living in their parents basement.

As a partial solution, We have decided to choose someone(s) from the community to try their hand at podcasting for You can read the details of this here.

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  • Sincerelyaroused

    what is a d/g license you crackass

  • Retrorpg

    they are licenses that let me do security work in the state of Florida.

  • Sincerelyaroused

    And you can have it taken away if you no show? also does anyone work there while going to school or do you have to be on call anytime.

  • Jim K.

    Been enjoying the backlog, would rather you take time and enjoy making the show then stop all together. I think my favorite episode so far is Golden Sun 2 Part 2. Don trying to say ‘Crayon’, Derek shouting about Borderlands 2 costing TEN BUCKS and the Judge Dredd quotes ‘YOU BETRAYED THE LAW!’

  • Retrorpg

    a D license lets someone perform security related duties in the state of Florida. a G, lets someone carry a gun while performing those duties (provided certain stipulations are met)
    and yes, it can be taken away by the state for no-call no-shows.

  • Retrorpg

    I want to say there will always be a podcast, but future, unexpected, etc. But we “take our time” (read: procrastonate) to prevent burnout and podfade

  • Ralph Pulner

    I’ve been listening to your podcast for years. I kind of feel anyone trying to fill in during your absence won’t really be worth listening to. is about playing games, sure. It’s also about off topics, fridge repair, high school hijinks, Derek’s mad rants and Don’s coma sleeping. You guys seriously can’t be replaced. All your loyal viewers are used to your aggravating absences between shows by now. Why jump the shark?

  • Retrorpg

    I will adress your concerns in the next show. (very soon)