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Episode 66: Final Fantasy 5 Part 1

Carl Boss


Almost 7 years strong!
Workplace Safety
Selling Bike
FF5 Part 1:
The Happening
Battle System
Job Ability System
Weapon Optimization
Crystals and Meteors
FF2/3/5 Discussion
Boss = WingRaptor
Boss = Karlabos
Boss = Siren
Boss = Magisa and Fortsa (Derek almost broke the game)
Boss = Galura
Boss = LiquiFlame
Page 64 enemey is intense!
Boss = Ifrit
Boss = Byblos
Boss = Sandworm
Sand Bear is a sad bear!
Boss = CrawClaw
Boss = Adaman T.
Boss = Sol Cannon (toughest boss by far for Don)
Lamia enemy is the sex in the game
Boss = ArcheoAvis
Boss = Pueroboroses
Boss = Titan
Boss = Chim
Onto the second world!

Final Fantasy V Walkthrough