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Is It Worth It? – Episode 15: Guardian Heroes


  • Johnnyboy

    Excellent episode as always Blaine. I played the crap out of Guardian Heroes back in the day. It really was, and still is, and excellent beat-em-up/RPG hybrid. One comment though, I loved playing as Nicole as she is super goofy and her healing skills are topnotch. You mentioned in the episode that her barrier is useless, but actually, if you trap the enemy in the corner and use it, they take lots of damage repeatedly. It’s what I use to kill difficult enemies when I played as her (which is most of the time). Again, great episode.

  • Retro khel

    Thank you for the feedback! Yeah I think I caught myself and said barrier can do damage, but I’ll admit I only played Nicole a short bit and had no idea it dealt heavy damage. Actually I kinda wrote her and her abilities off without exploring too deeply. I’m glad to hear she becomes a powerhouse if played correctly. I could also see her being much better in a 2 player game, unfortunately I flew solo on this one. I do however have plans to gather some friends for more playthoughs and with your advice in mind I’ll retry her, this time giving her a fairer shake.