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Episode 68: Final Fantasy 5 Part 3

FF5 Talking Turtle


Computer Build
Late Recording Explained
House Remodel
Weight Loss
FF8 will it ever come!
Doom is coming!
iTunes Reviews
Boss = Antlion
Exdeath is a splinter...FML
Find 4 tablets to track down legendary weapons.
Boss = Gargoyles
Quicksand Desert Pyramid sucks! (1st Tablet)
Boss = Merugene (sexy!)
Boss = Odin
Island Shrine (2nd Tablet)
Boss = Stalker
Fork Tower (Holy & Flare spells)
Boss = Minotauros
Boss = Omniscient
Sea Trench (3th Tablet & Meteo spells)
Boss = Three Pigs
Cave (4th Tablet)
Boss = Leviathan
Remaking IT movie...
Go get 12 legendary sealed weapons
Optional: Mirage
The Cleft of Dimension:
Boss = Carfisteri
Boss = Apanda
Boss = Apocalypse
Boss = Catastoph
Boss = Halicarnas
Boss = Twin Tania
Gilgamesh is weird
Boss = Necrofobia + 4 barriers
Final boss = Exdeath
Final Final boss = Neo Exdeath

Final Fantasy V Walkthrough

Final Fantasy V Maps

Doom 3 Bathroom Mirror Scene