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Hall of Fame

Previous contest winners!

Contest #1
Guess what game is next (After Robotrek), AND submit both halves of the ad that belongs to said game that appeared in a gaming publication.

Answer: Final Fantasy 3 Ad part 1 Ad Part 2
Winner: Varian
Prizes: Star Fox (SNES) and Earth Worm Jim 2 (SNES)

Contest #2
Give an idea for our next contest, contest. (Forum only contest)

Result 3 questions about 3 games.
Winner: JudgementVII
Prize: NES Classic Series: Metroid (GBA)

Contest #3
Which episode did Derek forget to edit out 20 seconds of white noise? (unannounced "hidden" contest)

Result Episode 20.
Winner: Derick
Prize: SNES: Illusion of Gaia.

Contest #4
Submit an audio short of why you love or hate the podcast

Result: Matt
Winner: Matt
Prize: Guest appearance on the podcast.

Contest #5
Year long contest. At the end of each show, A short clip (1-5 notes) of a video game song would play.
Guess which game it was from

Result: Numerous answers over the year 2013
Winner: Donald
Prizes: 1 Copy of Drakkhen: SNES
1 Copy of Golden Sun: GBA, with Box, inside sleeve, and map/character/Djinni/Summons/Psynergy list. (Near mint condition!)
1 Copy of Phatasy star Iv: Sega Genesis
1 Copy of Legend of Zelda Link to the Past: SNES
1 Copy of Final Fantasy Tactics: GBA