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Episode 47: Chrono Cross Part 2

CC Characters

Chrono Cross Walkthrough

Leah twerks for her Tail Spin attack

Tide goes in, Tide goes out

How'd the moon get there?

Space Engine


How painful creating the show is / use to be.
Introvert vs. Extrovert
Fargo slippy fingers with getting colored plates.
Once again the combat system...
How many useless characters are there?
Did you ever get Skully?
Boss figtht struggles = Garai
Leah twerks for her TailSpin Technique
Mannequins are the worst enemy you have to fight ever!
The story...the 6 Dragons
Fate's a bitch!
Screw Kid I'm tired of saving her ass
Spectral Glove for Grobyc, 200-800 damage per hit
Time Devourer is cake!
No ending?
The Contest


    I said to myself,”I’m gunna leave a message.”

  • marshal

    Why don’t you guys do Final Fantasy 9 next so you can violently rape more of my beloved childhood memories. Also fuck you guys for not fighting Dario, seriously.

  • Derek

    I (Derek) have played FF9, but never to completion. That said, what i do remember of the game, I did enjoy. So when we do get to playing it, maybe the rape wont be as horrible as you expect.