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Contest Finale! Answers!

Contra: NES

Chrono Trigger: SNES

Final Fantasy 3: SNES

Legend of Zelda: NES

Super Mario World: SNES

Portal 2: PC

(i did not realize the Nintendo bias until after the contest was made. Sorry about that)

5 points each.


Donald: 96 points
McMoo: 70 points
CloudZero: 39 points.
Resvil12: 7 points
BLAHMASTER: 5 points
Ralph: 4 points
jackal27: 4 points
Rufus: 3 points
Doug: 2 points
Bubbles949: 0 points
Silpheed: 0 points

Congratulations to
Donald with 96 points!

the remaining bonus points:
A user created with the name of fldgoal-3 (3 points)
If you hovered over the Pocketoid link under Friends of Retro RPG on the front page, the description that pops up would be 5 points.
Don added a Secret of Mana track to the Sword of Mana podcast. (2 points)
And 1 super secret bonus that pretty much would have won someone the entire contest had they guessed it. One person came scary close without even knowing it! (They still dont know how goddamned close they were)

All games are cartridge only unless otherwise mentioned
1 Copy of Drakkhen: SNES
1 Copy of Golden Sun: GBA, with Box, inside sleeve, and map/character/Djinni/Summons/Psynergy list. (Near mint condition!)
1 Copy of Phatasy star Iv: Sega Genesis
1 Copy of Legend of Zelda Link to the Past: SNES
1 Copy of Final Fantasy Tactics: GBA

All games EXCEPT for Phantasy star IV have been tested and work. Test performed with a SNES model SNS-101, and a GBA AGS-101

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    It’s spelled Drakkhen. I haven’t played Drakkhen, but I own Dragon View, which could be considered its sequel. It’s a unique game that is worth trying for a bit just to get a flavor for what was possible on the SNES at that time. (~3D~ Mode 7 world map, mixed with side scrolling battle screens)