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NES: Nestopia
Notes: Tested works. Easy to set up. Most controllers work.

Notes: Best SNES emulator out there. If you have never heard of this emulator, you probably are under the age of 12 with only Xbox as your vocabulary.

NES/Famicon: FCEUX
Open Source NES/FDS emulator.

N64: Project 64
Notes: Unstable but mostly works. some games are incompatible.

Sega: Fusion
Notes: Formerly known as "Kega II" and Kega Fusion, This is a Multi platform Sega emulator. emulates SG1000, SC3000, Master System, Game Gear, Genesis/Megadrive, SegaCD/MegaCD and 32X. Requires some configuration prior to use. Can frustrate some users whose computer experience is no more than click install and play.

Playstation: ePSXE
Notes: Tested works. Requires a PS1 BIOS image (not included with the emulator). Requires some tweaking of plugins to get it to work perfectly. Most controllers work.

  • Darkrie96

    just a thought, maybe you should also put a section for the bios and plugins for the epsxe, cuz there are quite a few, and it took quite a bit for me to find them

  • Anonymous

    Disqus generic email templateWe are unable to post the BIOS due to legal issues. But the plugins and any missing files will be linked to eventually.
    A small setup guide will be written as well which will explain in detail how to set up the emulator and where to find some of the files/plugins.

  • pSX is better emulator with virtually no configuration

  • Derek

    A quick 10 second look at it seems to pass the sniff test. Might be added in a few days once i try it out.

  • You may want to expand this section a bit to include some of the newer/better/updated emulators (mupen64-plus, bizhawk, pcsx, gens, fceux, bsnes/higan)

  • Retrorpg

    I dont see why not.
    Just give me some time to do so. Lazy, etc.

  • If you’re feeling lazy, you can probably either link to or rip off a chunk of 😛